Our Young Toddler Program: 12 months- 24 months 

Serves: 12 months to 24 months 

Ratio: 1 teacher to 5 toddlers or 2 teachers to 10 toddlers

Program Description: We understand that the transition from the infant program to the toddler program can be a challenging one for parents. It is hard to imagine that they are growing up so fast! We strive every day to make this change an easy one for the child & parents. Our toddler programs is designed to be an interactive experience between the teachers and children. Through daily activities such as projects, songs, books, music and a variety of play centers children can start to learn about the world around them. We understand that each child grows and learns at a different pace then their peers. Once your child enters the Toddler Program here at The Playhouse, they will start to begin their Early Education journey! Each classroom follows a detailed daily schedule that helps them meet the age appropriate milestones. 

Curriculum: Supporting Maine's Infants & Toddler Guidelines for Learning & Development 


Pink Toddler Classroom!
Peach Toddler Classroom!