I'm Happy You're Here

A Message from the Gray Campus Center Director,


I’ve been in the field for 27 plus years. I was given the opportunity, in 1992, to try daycare out and to see if it was something, I might be interested in. Well, I fell in love with it, it’s my calling and passion. You may be wondering, “wow that a long time, she must have worked in a lot of centers!” But, no not really, this is only my third center. I’m here for the long haul!

I want to take my knowledge and love of children and help grow this center. My vision is to see every child here thrive and gain their thirst for learning. To achieve this your children will work alongside their teachers and in turn the teachers will learn each child’s individual learning style and plan curriculum to meet their needs!  Therefore, pulling out each child’s potential.

One of my favorite quotes: “Every child is a snowflake, not one is the same! All are unique and beautiful in their own way”

Our center is growing and with growth comes change! We will be seeing new faces, in families and new staff, over the next couple of weeks. Please introduce yourselves and make everyone feel welcome! I’m here to help make this transition go as smoothly as possible. I’m always here, ready to lend a hand and to listen! No question is too big or too small! Please reach out to me anytime at daisy@theplayhousekids.com


Daisy Barron 


Daisy Barron 

Gray Center Director