We believe in the Five Essentials to Meaningful Play

  1. Children make their own decisions

  2. Children are motivated

  3. Play is spontaneous, not scripted

  4. Play is enjoyable​​​​

  5. Children become immersed in the moment

Your Child’s Safety & Well being

  • Both facilities are equipped with a fire alarm system that is connect to the local fire station

  • Both of our facility's are equipped with key entry and video surveillance for added security.

  • The safety of your child while in our care is of the utmost important to us. We ensure all staff are CPR & Water Safety certified.

  • Monthly Fire Drills for both locations and lock downs every 3 months for practice.

  • Emergency planning procedures and approved by the State of Maine.

The Space

  • Open concept classrooms that flow naturally from one area to the next.

  • Interactive, individual - themed rooms for each age level.

  • Outdoor Classroom - Coming Soon for both locations! We are excited for this feature for our preschool aged children! 

  • Large fenced in play area - divided by age group.

  • Westbrook Location - Large open gym area for rainy days! 

Nurturing Young Minds & Bodies

  • All lead teachers have a degree in Early Childhood Education.

  • We implement the 5-2-1-0 Let’s Go Program. This program is designed to help children create an environment that involves healthy choices. The program focuses on healthy food options, which is incorporated in out menu, as well as daily exercise. 

  • The Playhouse focuses on learning through play! Children learn so much from playing and interacting with other children. We offer structured play as well as free play options. 

  • Daily outside play (if weather permits) is extremely important to children's progress. 

Participating in Your Child’s Care

  • Parent/Teacher Conferences are held throughout the year to discuss your child's progress. 

  • We use the Bright wheel App and will update you regarding your child's day. You will know eating times, sleeping times as well as get photo updates throughout the day. It is a great tool for parents to stay involved and connected.

  • Weekly and monthly newsletters will be sent to all parents to update them on upcoming events, child progress, and fun things happening at The Playhouse. Updates will be sent via. email and will be posted in the entry way of both locations. 

  • Monthly Parent's Night Out! The first Friday of every month we will have an event held at both locations. This is a great event for children to have fun and play with their friends while parents get to enjoy a night out! Details will be in the entrance of both locations and sent via email.

Our Philosophy

At The Playhouse, children follow a formal curriculum, enhanced by meaningful play, which promotes the development of: independence, creative thinking, healthy bodies, self-discipline, problem solving and self-confidence. We realize that children are constantly learning through structure as well as play!

Our Mission

The Playhouse is dedicated to providing a safe, healthy and nurturing environment for every child.

The Playhouse Child Care Center

322 W. Gray Road 

Gray ME 04039

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